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Intuitive body listener, Medical medium, evidential medium, energy worker, shamanic sound + womb listener, yoga instructor.

If you had told me 10 years ago that I would have turned from being an internationally known event hair stylist to a mother, psychic medium, medical medium, and intuitive womb holder I would not have believed you. Its funny how spirit shows us through our journey where we needed to step in life to get to the next phase. Without the step we would never have seen the next one. We are humans on a journey, to learn, to grow, we are not broken beings, we are ever evolving. The path is yours, I am simply a guide along the way that can help to unravel the messages for you. We have crossed paths so that I may aid in offering tools for deeper listening on your own journey. I would say if you have landed this far, there is a reason :), listen to that intuition. Go for it!!


I remember seeing the color purple very vividly and feeling a lot of movement in my gut and then my heart. My heart felt like it was being cleared. My heart feels lighter. I also  maybe at the end passed out because I dont remember and time felt like it went fast. It was like I knew you disconnected and I awoke. So Powerful. Thank you.

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WOW! Thank you Julie. You nailed it. I keep hitting road blocks of old programming and imposter syndrome when i think about pursuing my spiritual beliefs. That’s even a part of the reason why I wanted to get this reading specifically from you because I admire the way you seem to believe  with your whole heart.

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So lovely, and I was surprised at how I felt throughout! So much of what you said resonated with me and I’m still processing. I’m pretty much bought into this now. I was a little skeptical of being remote but WOW. I really did feel shifts.

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