beauty~ movement~
sound~ breath~ mindfulness~

Soul fueling energy healing for the body, sound healing through voice and instrumentals, earthy bohemian hair styles created with intention and attention to the crown chakra. Feel grounding through guided meditations and full body restoration through movement of breathe with yin + restorative yoga.

The best part, all the products that we use are health conscience, vegan, gluten-free, and leaping bunny certified. Oils + Herbs + Crystal healing is of the natural earth to aid in deep therapy.



I'm Julie:

I am a partner, a mother, a lightworker, with a soul calling towards inner healing, shedding the surface to tap in deeper. I hold space for the feminine and the masculine, souls in the shadows and the light through Reiki + Sound + Crystal infusion to heal the body and send intention to future or current events. Connecting to source, and to mama earth through rituals, a weaving with each offering that is given. Offerings also include restoring yin- yoga + meditation to balance the nervous system and move blockages + stuck energy (qi + prana) to connect the mind with the heart + the heart to the womb.  A love of hair energy  s an art which I can custom designed through destination event hair styling, combined with soothing acupressure + crystal healing. Freedom lies here to create the service that is calling you, whether you are getting married, moving through womb clearing, welcoming a new soul into the world, healing DIS- ease, or simply soothing your mind-body.

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