Distance Reiki during Cold or Flu

I recently came down with a cold…

and began administering plant medicine as soon as I felt my body working through the motions of a virus. It had been some time since my body told me to fully stop in the space of illness and healing. This was the first cold I had been able to use a new tool to tap inwards into my etheric body via Reiki. Setting the intention of self-healing of tissues, movement of toxins, movement of stuck energy every day. Noticing a truly different sensation as my healing time was shortened and the movement of emotional energy was felt in awareness.

It is well known that stress and fear = a weakened immune system.

Taking space to slow down and tap in, using universal energy to call in a vibration raises into the deepest spaces of the body. Being with the emotions as they arrive, leaning in not against.

Distant Reiki during an illness will help to tap in and move what is asking for attention and etheric clearing.  Booking sessions in a row once a day may aid to increase the healing movement as well as promote a sense of calm relaxation, shorten healing time, and decrease symptoms.

Booking same day or next day sessions isn’t impossible for distance Reiki. Our offering are here for moments where space and healing is calling.


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