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REiki + sound healing

Reiki is a holistic therapy that treats the physical, spiritual, and emotional body. Sound healing is an intuitive listening that is offered to each soul during in person sessions. A sound session involves sound movement with voice and instruments. Reiki and sound healing brings a feeling of deep relaxation while releasing toxins, raising your vibrational frequency, and removing energy blocks in the etheric body. Sessions may supplement conventional medical care by reducing anxiety, relieving stress, aiding in personal growth and development, reducing side effects, decreasing pain, improving mental clarity, boosting your immune system, and shortening healing time. Reiki can be used during pregnancy, labor or childbirth, as well as soul departures. Sound healing aids in lifting the vibrational frequency through voice tones and instrumental tones.

Reiki + Sound Packages

Customizable for your needs...

Distance Reiki + Sound Healing:

60 min. distance session from the comfort of your home.

Distance Reiki for new clients: *guided messages, crystal intuitions, Light sound may be sent during your session. Recordings and messages will be sent during session. 

Distance Reiki 4 weeks/ 4 sessions:

A once a week option at an agreed upon time with the client and practitioner. Each session is 60 min with contact with text or phone call before or after each session as needed. *guided messages and crystal intuitions will be sent after each session.

In Person Reiki+ Sound Healing:

60 min. in person session on location available upon request in ABQ New Mexico. Sound healing includes vibrations by voice, chime, drum, and sound bowl.

come home to soul

Allow your body
the opportunity to heal itself, to live a balanced life

Reiki pronounced ray-kee, is derived from two Japanese words:

REI meaning The Universal Life-Giving Force and KI meaning energy, chi. It is the energy that surrounds and fuels our daily lives. It is an endless current of healing energy that can never be exhausted. It is a “smart” energy and cannot be manipulated, the recipient absorbs the energy according to need, it flows and works as it is meant to. Sessions are opened in only the highest of light for the highest good.


Crystals can aid in healing with treatment by helping to release emotional, mental, or spiritual blocks. Crystals may be placed on or around your body or you may be asked to hold a crystal. Each crystal is cleansed and cleared for each client prior to session. In some cases, a rock or crystal may be directly given to the client after their session to keep.


Reiki energy is passed from the practitioner, to the client, and
flows to the areas of the body that are in need of physical, emotional,
or Spiritual Healing by “laying of the hands on the body” of a fully
clothed client. The practitioners hands are placed above or on specific
points to balance energy flow. Reiki works for the clients highest good,
and surrounds each client with loving energy so that the body can work
to heal itself.


Distance Reiki has the same exact benefits as an in person session.
The only difference is that the practitioner is not near you in your
physical space.

Wondering what it feels like? WHy not take a chance and try it?

the reviews

I had an opportunity to practice Reiki for 6 sessions with Julie
We did these remotely. The results were amazing. We would designate a time to start. I would relax in my recliner with soft music playing. When the session time was over, we would talk or text sharing what we experienced and Julie envisioned. During one of the sessions, I told Julie I felt as if I was floating. Her response was that she had envisioned me levitating. I was able to sense areas of my body that Julie was working on. These were confirmed by her during our after session talks. After the last session, I experienced an overwhelming sense of openness to the Universe. It is a sensation I am still holding onto. I am very grateful to Julie for introducing me to the power of Reiki.
I could feel what part of my body you were working on from a distance!
Almost like I could follow your process, and I could tell when you were working on my abdomen area because my digestive system started moving. It was amazing, you gave me a lot to think about. Truly can not thank you enough.
Julia Romero
I wasnt sure what to expect from a virtual Reiki Session
I had done Reiki in person one time before the pandemic but did not know how virtual would work. Turns out it was amazing! I think I fell asleep for about five minutes. But the relaxation was so real and that's what I wanted to focus on. I felt uplifted for a few weeks after that and I still go back to that session to pull from that energy.


gratitude for my mentors & Teachers

I’ve been guided through trainings & mentorships. Seeping in the knowledge. continuing through inner work to share in experience to deepen my offerings.

 Yin + Restorative yoga – Shamanic Sound Healing through voice + instrument – Hatha yoga – Chinese Medicine knowledge – Reiki Master -Womb Healing – Ayruvedic & Herbs 

Licensed Cosmetologist +  13 years in the event hair industry

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