Womb Healing Sessions 1:1

2 part offering (2 different days).
A ritual passed down from the Shipibo midwives- the female shamans in the high Andes mountains of Peru.  A shamanic healing ritual that has been passed down to me.
This deeply nourishing and healing womb connection is for:
– anyone no matter what phase of life you are in. Yes, for pregnant women, those who have had a hysterectomy, and those who have gone through menapause.
-anyone who would like to connect deeply to their sovereignty, their Devine feminine that lives within.
-those seeking to heal their womb space of trauma and held tension.
-those who desire to call back their voice and creative nature
-anyone looking to connect to ancestral and inner child healing.
This offering is avaliable in person or distance. AND YES, it is amazing to receive from a distance. ( I was initiated online from Australia, and it was DEEPLY felt!)

During your bleed: 1:1 distance session

Book a 12 month package to work deeply in cycle balancing and hormonal balancing.
There are many benefits of distance energy womb work while you bleed! If you are anything like me, you may not like being touched during the first 3 days of your bleed however,  you also crave deep relaxation and release. To lay in the comfort of your home while receiving loving energy from a distance, creating a sacred ritual for your bleed, is a gift of self love. Book in advance so that your future inner winter can rest and clear.

-Calm rest: Allow the nervous system to rest while your hormones are at their lowest. Carving out time once a month can aid in deeper rest and nourishment in the body.
-Depth of flow: A deeper release during your flow can air in movement = moves stagnation.
-Ease discomfort: Mindfully connecting to the deeper spaces in your body that are a compass for your awareness.